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Herbal books

With our hectic lifestyles adaptogenic herbs play a huge role in the treatment of chronic fatigue and other stress related disorders. David Winston and Steven Maimes’ book Adaptogens provides us with a excellent overview on the science and uses of these  important medicinal plants. The book provides monographs of 21 of the most effective adaptogens along with a list of complimentary herbs. There are case studies outlining the importance of using adaptogens along with a specific treatment plan in order to speed up the patients recovery.  Essential reading for all involved with adaptogens, whether practitioner or consumers.



David Hoffmanns Medical Herbalism is a brilliant book that merges the art & science of western herbal medicine. This is a valuable book that you will find on every practitioner’s shelf, it provides a clinical orientated approach and a depth of knowledge that is truly needed by the herbalist, the physician and the pharmacist in order to understand how to use herbal medicine safely and effectively. The author details the intricate chemistry behind Herbalism, providing for the first time important background and insights into how herbal remedies are able to achieve their results and the limitations and potential of viewing herbs chemically.




Nikki Darrells newly published book on Essential oils, Their Therapeutic use In Herbal Medicine - aromatic Medicine And Aromatherapy is a practical manual for practitioners who are interested in adding aromatherapy into their herbal practice

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Nikki Darrell has just published 3 new books these are a two volume set on plant medicines and the path of traditional herbal medicine.

"A wonderful pair of books by one of the great European herbalists of our time that beautifully capture the soul and practice of community herbalism"
Stephen Harrod Buhner
" Nikki Darrell transcends the stalwart protocols of prescribed 21st century herbal practice. Drawing the reader ever closer the most simple and superb healer of all – the plants themselves. There is a depth of wisdom and knowledge within the pages. A melding of the physical & the metaphysical, of innate energetics and modern science provides a truly holistic & comprehensive guide to our herbal allies. This is an essential herbal for our time"   
Jane Wallwork-Gush Herbalist, writer, teacher, pharmacognosist


The second edition of Lillian Bridges book on Face reading in Chinese medicine gives the reader a true insight into this venerated and well documented technique. The face is a window into the workings of the body, mind and emotions and reading is an ancient technique with many modern and psychological applications. This book is of great benefit to any practitioner using TCM in their clinic to evaluate Shen and to understand non-verbal expression. Lillan has also taught Lawyers, police men and business men in these practices. With over 200 colour pictures and extensive diagnosis information this book will fascinate anyone interested in this subject


Julie Burton Seal and Matthew Seal published this amazing book covering 50 wild plants that are abundant in our hedgerows. It covers identification, uses and some interesting recipes. Some of the plants are less common like the majestic teasel, which they make into a flower essence for joint pain. The plants are listed by familiar common names so it is easy for the beginner herbalist to find and identify when out and about this summer.  The text blends the history, folklore, botany, economic and other uses of the plants. It ties together the ailments and benefits by including both in a compressive index. This is great book for the keen beginner herbalist.


Another valuable resource book form Stephen Harrod Buhner “Herbal Antibiotics”  gives you an great insight into the solutions herbal medicine offers to the growing problem of antibiotic resistant superbugs. Compared to his first book on this subject he enters into a greater explanation of resistant bacteria treatments and the herbs used. This book contains a great resource of research on herbs that are being used to treat bacterial infections where pharmaceuticals are failing. With bacteria resistance advancing faster and stronger than we would like, this book is a must on any practitioners bookshelf.


Written in a clear, logical and accurate manner this new edition by Sebastian Pole offers an essential overview of the culture in which Ayurveda has developed and the scientific basis behind this holistic approach. Covering history, treatment strategies, over 100 plant profiles of Ayurvedic herbs with information on usage, contraindications along with safety and dosage information for each. This book is ideal for herbal practitioners and students, it goes far beyond any other book on Ayurvedic medicine by combining a wealth of knowledge on Ayurveda culture and the herbs used in its approach.




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